Maps and Plans

Fire Insurance Plans

Some of our most detailed local maps come from an unlikely source. Although they were originally created for the purpose of calculating fire insurance rates, these plans have become a valuable tool for historical research. Furthermore, they are just plain fun to look at! 

The 1911 City of Kingston Fire Insurance Plan is available both in the Special Collections Room (in printed form) and on the website of Library and Archives Canada (linked below).

The following sets of fire insurance plans can be found in the Special Collections Room at the Central Branch on Johnson Street. They are not yet available online:

  • 1893      Village of Odessa
  • 1898      Village of Sydenham
  • 1904      Village of Yarker
  • 1924      (revised to 1929) City of Kingston
  • 1947      City of Kingston
  • 1963      City of Kingston

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