Families and Common Names

Researching Family Names

There are many common Family Names in the Kingston-Frontenac area. We've collected several resources here and elsewhere to aid in researching yours.

Using these resources in one step 

OGS Surname Queries

The Kingston Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society receives queries from people who are researching ancestors who lived in our area. These queries are posted on a website and in the newsletter Kingston Relations. By searching these queries, you may find out new information about your ancestors. You may also connect with other researchers who are working on the same family tree.

How to use it

Perform a Google search using the ancestor's last name and the words ogs and kingston and query. (For example: burke ogs kingston query). It's a good idea to play around with the spelling of the name (e.g. kelly, kelley, kellie). You can submit a surname query on the Queries page of the OGS-Kingston Branch website.

Name Indexes & Lists

There are also several name indexes or lists that may provide some pointers on where to look next. For example, the lists found on the Family Name List and the WWI Graves in Kingston-Frontenac pages might give you a few places to start. There's also the Name Index for the Historic Kingston journal.

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Miscellaneous Family Records

It is a set of green binders containing various hand-written/typewritten notes. The material has been donated by people who have been working on Kingston / Frontenac family histories.

Pedigree Charts

It is a set of four black binders containing pedigree charts of Kingston / Frontenac ancestors. The charts have been donated by people who are researching their family histories. They belong to the Kingston Branch of the Ontario Genalogical Society.


The Ontario Name Index (TONI)

The Ontario Name Index (TONI) shows where information about a particular name can be found. Note that this is an index- it does NOT contain the information, just tells you where to find the information.

— from the Ontario Genealogical Society website