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1851 Census

Unfortunately, the 1851 census for the City of Kingston has not survived. The census for the rest of Frontenac County can be searched online or in print (see below).

Note: Kingston in these links refers to Kingston Township, not the City of Kingston. For more information, see the Kingston Township page.

This census is sometimes called the 1852 Census because it actually took place in January of 1852. You can print a blank form for recording the results of your 1851 Census search from the FamilySearch website.

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Frontenac County Census

This resource consists of seven bound volumes. Microfilm is also available.

Pittsburgh Township 1851, '61, '71 Census; 1844, '46, '91 Assessment Rolls

It is a two-volume set.


1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

  • the 1851 census was actually conducted in January 1852
  • many of the census records (including those for the city of Kingston) no longer exist
  • in the Frontenac County records which survive, "Kingston" refers to Kingston Township (i.e. the area to the north and west of the city) and not to the city itself.

1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia

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Since Canada didn’t officially become a country until 1867, the first national census wasn’t held until 1871. The 1851 Census of Canada is a collection of the censuses of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Censuses were taken from 1849 through 1852 and each is organized differently.

Canada Census, 1851

Index provided by Ancestry.ca as part of the FamilySearch Records Access Program. Contains the 1851 census for Québec and Ontario (united as the "Province of Canada") and the independent provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Returns for many counties are incomplete. Returns are missing for the following counties: Shefford and Stanstead counties (Québec); Russell and Simcoe counties (Ontario); Gloucester, Kent and Queens counties (New Brunswick) as well as the City of Saint John (New Brunswick); all counties of Nova Scotia except Halifax and Kings.


1851 Census Microfilm

  • The microfilm reels are in the top right-hand drawer of the microfilm cabinet at the Central Library.
  • The reel numbers are:
    • C-11712
    • C-11721
    • C-11722
    • C-11724
    • C-11735
  • They are exactly the same as the on-line version (see above).
  • If you do not wish to use the on-line version, please use the print version (see Frontenac County Census) to find the page and line number before using the microfilm reels.
  • Learn more about microfilm access.