Getting Started

Genealogy: Learn the Basics

    On-line Help


    The FamilySearch website has several online lessons available to the public. You can also reference the steps in their article on the Principles of Family History Research


    At the Ancestry Library Edition Learning Centre, which you can access at any KFPL branch, you can access video tutorials and/or research guides on many subjects. Some of this content may be available in the subscription version of the Ancestry website, either on the Support site or the Learning Centre.

    Other Websites

    The History at Home: Guide to Genealogy page on the Home Advisor website is another good place to start learning. This page provides a list of links about genealogy research and related subjects: house histories, oral history interviews, caring for family papers, and more.

    Meetings and Conferences

    Ontario Genealogical Society: Kingston Branch

    The Kingston Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society meets on the third Saturday of each month, from September-November and January-May. All are welcome to attend the meetings. If you don’t live in Kingston, try a Google search on the word “genealogy” with the name of your town–for example, genealogy winnipeg–to find a genealogy group in your area. Meetings, workshops and classes are almost sure to be listed on their website.

    Other Organizations

    In Ontario, many resources, including an annual conference, monthly magazine and wide variety of publications, workshops and online tools, are available at the provincial level. Check out the Historical & Genealogical Societies page, linked in the Related Content section below, for more information about these organizations in the Kingston and Frontenac County Areas.

    Books & Other Forms and Links

    Use the resources below for a list of books on genealogical research that are available at KFPL. There are also a few helpful files that you can download to help get you started on the right foot.

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