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A good introduction to Acadian genealogical research can be found on the Genealogy and Family History page maintained by Library and Archives Canada. It emphasizes that the microfilm records are not official records but they can still be a useful source of information about a family.

More information and resources about Acadian heritage can be found on the website for the Centre for Acadian Studies at the University of Moncton.



GAUDET, Placide MG 30, C 20

Gaudet's Notes, the bulk of which are in the possession of Library and Archives Canada, constitute the main source for Acadian genealogical research. They were compiled by Placide Gaudet from various documents, not all of which are held by Library and Archives Canada. Although a most helpful source, the Notes must not be considered in any way as official records. The information given generally consists of dates and places of birth, marriage and death.