City Directories

Online City Directories from 1855-1923

City directories were put together by canvassers who went door-to-door, working quickly and not always accurately. In most cases, they recorded only the name of the "head of the household". It pays to be aware of this, and to keep in mind that spelling can vary widely -- Kelly may appear as Kelley, Sanders as Saunders, etc.

Thirty-seven of KFPL's Kingston and Area City Directories are available online, and they're very easy to use. Just choose a date below and click to turn the pages.

The remaining directories are available in print and/or on microfilm, which can be found at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

Other interesting collections include the City Directories from Toronto Public Library and Canadian Directories Collection from Library and Archives Canada. Various other lists, blogs and private websites also feature city directories. These include: